Welcome to our coaching practice!

While I offer many types of coaching styles, my passion is for alchemical coaching. Strange as it may first sound, this approach is very powerful in helping people achieve their goal (gold)!

In our alchemical laboratory you will learn about our work in Alchemical Psychology and how it applies to your individual growth and creative ways of transforming your life. Dream analysis, active imagination and alchemical elemental practice are just a few of these techniques that draw from alchemical principles and practices. Your mind, body and soul are your alchemical life laboratory – we do not do physical alchemy.

We use Jungian Psychology in alchemical coaching as a lens through which to see and understand what the alchemists were really saying in their cryptic writings and symbolic images. Like a dream that at first makes no sense, and then, having translated its symbolic messages, we realize what our Unconscious is offering in terms of guidance and insights.

We all have this ability and we all have the potential to transform our lead into the gold of a more fulfilling life. In addition to coaching, I also offer seminars and workshops on many Jungian topics, everything from Shadow work to Synchronicity. You can also take a look at my videos and books as well as many other publications in leading Jungian journals.

Cynthia Cavalli, Ph. D

Cynthia Cavalli, Ph. D. is an executive leadership and transformation coach specializing in individual purpose, future studies, and the dynamics of change. With a deep knowledge of Analytic Psychology, mythology, and dreams, Dr. Cavalli strives to integrate depth principles in the workspace: She helps individuals and organizations understand their unique purpose by exploring extraordinary life events (dreams, meaningful coincidences, unexpected twists). She also helps her clients recognize patterns and stages of transformation to creatively optimize periods of uncertainty or ambiguity.

Cynthia has a special expertise in synchronicity, and the way such moments precipitate radical insight and wisdom. Her deep reservoir of experience provides clients with unique tools for navigating personal and professional challenges. Dr. Cavalli has 30 years of experience in aerospace engineering, a Ph.D. in Human Systems, an MBA, and a BS in Physics. Her coaching approach engages a collaborative dialogue that facilitates whole systems change and transformation. She specializes in executive coaching and life transitions using Jungian, shamanic and mythological methods. Her website is: